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Swepdri Siloxane Clear Waterproofing Product Information

Siloxane Clear Deodorised
Clear waterproof coating for concrete, brick, natural stone & other masonry surfaces.

SILOXANE CLEAR is an oligomeric siloxane, when applied to concrete, brick and natural stone facades, provides a waterproof finish without changing the outward appearance. Impregnation with SILOXANE CLEAR reduces the ingress of water, preventing water-related problems: e.g. reinforcement corrosion, binder loss and biological promoted decay due to moss.
SILOXANE CLEAR, unlike Silicone, is suitable for use in high pH conditions e.g. new concrete, lime mortars and lime based building bricks/blocks.
The product does not affect the vapour diffusion, allowing the façade to breathe. Historical examination of completed projects suggests that when applied
correctly, a SILOXANE CLEAR treated façade is still water repellent after 10 years service.
External waterproofing of block and brick, fibrous sheet and porous tile facades.· Prevention of moss growth and dirt retention on pavers, walls and roofs.· Reduction of sandstone decay due to salts and low pH precipitation.
Elimination of white salt spotting. Treatment of rising damp in old homes. Protection of reinforced concrete against steel corrosion by chloride diffusion.

Siloxane Clear is available in 20 and 10 litre drums.
Product Oligomeric iso-octyl silane, in a mineral spirit base,13 % active.
Coverage Varies widely, dependant on absorption characteristics. E.g. from 3 m2/lit for concrete to ½ m2/lit. for highly porous material. A trial area of 1-2 m2 will assist in determining application rate.

A wall treated with Siloxane Clear will not allow moisture to penetrate, reducing evidence of salts and the growth of moss and mildew.

Example of two bricks, one coated with Siloxane Clear (top) water is seen to be beading on the surface. The other brick not coated is absorbing water.

Using a low-pressure spray (hand pump pressure pot) or brush to achieve total saturation with a
minimum of 2 coats applied sequentially (wet on wet) 3mm penetration minimum.
Hairline cracks need not be filled however cracks wider than 0.3mm should be sealed. Repair damaged expansion joints, and faulty junctions Clean dirty surfaces and remove algae or moss before impregnation (treat with suitable fungicide). Cleaned surfaces are easy to impregnate because absorbency is increased resulting in maximum penetration of treatment. Allow surfaces to dry before applying SILOXANE CLEAR treatment. Any salt and effervescence should be removed using diluted acid.

To ensure that sufficient impregnate enters the surface, SILOXANE CLEAR should be applied by spraying or flooding.
Larger areas are best treated using low-pressure airless spraying.
Smaller areas can be treated by brush applying SILOXANE CLEAR– adhering to the application rate.
When spraying, the distance between the nozzle and the wall should be 5-10cm. SILOXANE CLEAR is applied until no more is absorbed and the solution runs down 40-50cm. The spraying nozzle is then slowly moved on, horizontally. With this method care should be taken that the substrate is evenly wet during application.

Siloxane Clear can also be used to seal porous natural stone without leaving an unnatural glossy finish.
Protection During Use
Protect overspray and splashes from windows, doors, vehicles and vegetation Since dry, impregnated surfaces look the same as unimpregnated ones, it is advisable to thoroughly treat a specified area of the surface twice, without interruption.